Office Manager

Shaun keeps the showroom in order and keeps every customer extremely happy with their experience at Smokey's. When purchasing a stove, you can expect to talk with Shaun.


Store Manager

John keeps everyone on their toes and enjoys Rogue Roasters coffee. He is the first to arrive every morning and the last to leave.


Lead Stove Installer

Shea makes sure these stoves are installed correctly the first time so he runs a tight ship. Most likely you will see Shea installing your new stove.


Lead Service Technician

Danny has been with Smokey's since the beginning and knows the ins and outs of every stove we come across.


Office Support - Technical

Mike knows the most about the technical aspects of stove installs and service. He moved on from field work and now stays in the office to do technical support when a customer or crew member has questions.


Lead Chimney Sweep

Dillan is Smokey's grandson and purveyor of excellent chimney service. He does a thorough job on every service call he attends to.


Field Support Technician

Jesse has in depth knowledge in electrical components of gas and pellet stoves. He is a superb asset to our Lead Field Technicians.


Office Secretary

Tabatha keeps the service schedule full for the crews. If you are looking to schedule an appointment, you can expect to talk to her!

Gene & Trudy


Gene and Trudy started it all back in the 70's. Gene, alias Smokey, comes around a few times a week to make sure the store is still standing and the lights are still on. If you are lucky you can catch him!


Lead Service Technician

Dean primarily does service calls on gas stoves. He is often requested by customers to be the one to return for future service.


Lead Stove Installer

Jeremy installs stoves in both Jackson and Josephine Counties. He is cross-trained to provide service on gas and pellet stoves as well. He enjoys all things outdoors in his time off.


Service Technician

Zach assists our lead installers and service techs where needed. He is a hard worker dedicated to your comfort and safety.


Chimney Sweep

Ian does a great job making sure your wood fireplace and chimney is clean and in tip top shape. We find he is dedicated to and enthusiastic about handling the task at hand.


Customer Service/Sales

Jerry is a valuable addition to our office team. If you were hoping to receive friendly service at Smokey's Stoves then you will not be disappointed in our man.


Independent Pellet Technician

Art loves to drop in a few times a week to catch up and tell old stories. He is a retired computer technician and puts his knowledge to work in the pellet stove world. Sells used certified reconditioned pellet stoves. 541-471-1132


Head Squatch

Bigfoot enjoys working in the background, out of the public eye. How do you think we move these heavy wood stoves around? You just might see him if you stop by our shop...